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Mel Machanic Snow Bird Mel Machanic
Ami Dayan Eagle with his catch Ami Dayan
Joe Giordano Juvenile Redtail Soaring Joe Giordano
Michael Elliott Toss'n One Back Michael Elliott
Jeff Norton Female Goldfinch Jeff Norton
Maria Costa Colorful Daisy Maria Costa
Ellen Bedrosian Buddies Ellen Bedrosian
Michael Elliott Say Ah! Michael Elliott
Joe Madison Keeping an Eye on Things Joe Madison
Rachel Katic My Fur Collar Rachel Katic
Ami Dayan Hummingbird posing Ami Dayan
Evan Zupfer Duet Evan Zupfer
Evan Zupfer Hairy Woodpecker Evan Zupfer
Jerry Lipsenthal Fish Front View Jerry Lipsenthal
Jeff Norton Bandon Dawn Jeff Norton
Jeff Norton Chicadee Jeff Norton
Leslie Young Resting Duck Leslie Young
Rob Sayegh Sunrise Rob Sayegh
Alda DeLorenzo Echinacea Alda DeLorenzo
Ami Dayan Taking off Ami Dayan
Fidel Villa Totem Poles Dunes Fidel Villa
Rachel Katic Soon to Bloom Rachel Katic
Carmen Platek Tiger Swallowtail's Morning Drink Carmen Platek
Marjorie Forrest Nightshade Berries Marjorie Forrest
Alda DeLorenzo Flowing Alda DeLorenzo
Michael Elliott Like Fish In A Barrel Michael Elliott
Ami Dayan Osprey at sunset Ami Dayan
Marjorie Forrest Mexican Ground Squirrel Munching Marjorie Forrest
Evan Zupfer Preflight Evan Zupfer
Marjorie Forrest Artistic Flower Marjorie Forrest
Ellen Bedrosian Eye of a Stingray Ellen Bedrosian
Fidel Villa Totem Poles Sunrise Fidel Villa
Marjorie Forrest Rustic Door and Window Marjorie Forrest
Joe Giordano Mt. Hood at dusk Joe Giordano
Marjorie Forrest Gyr Falcon on Stump Marjorie Forrest
Dan Kingcaid Sand Dune Pattern Dan Kingcaid


What's Developing ...

From the President

Welcome to the Teaneck Camera Club website.

This is the place to discover what our club is about and all we have to offer.

TCC members represent all levels of photographic skills, from novice, to serious amateur, to professional. We range in age from pre-teen to senior citizen, yet we all share a passion for photography and inspire each other in our pursuits. Continued…

It’s All About the Light

By Ellen Bedrosian

Did you ever wonder why light is so crucial to photography? Besides the obvious element of exposure (for which our images are often criticized for being over- or underexposed) light, I believe, expresses each photographer’s personal vision. For me, capturing the light from a sun ball while shooting underwater is absolute bliss. I’m connecting two of Earth’s essential ingredients for sustaining life: Light and water.

Bali Bait Ball

Bali Bait Ball


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