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Fidel Villa Staten Island Ferry Fidel Villa
Ami Dayan Barn Swallow Ami Dayan
Marjorie Forrest Red Tail Hawk Feeding Marjorie Forrest
Dan Kingcaid Fallen Leaves Dan Kingcaid
Rob Sayegh Hidden Valleys Rob Sayegh
Matt Kingcaid Portland Head Lighthouse Matt Kingcaid
Joe Giordano White breasted nuthatch Joe Giordano
Dan Kingcaid Softly Dan Kingcaid
Michael Elliott My Eyes Are Up Here Michael Elliott
Ellen Bedrosian Fish Frenzy Ellen Bedrosian
Tom Babich A Close Shave Tom Babich
Dan Kingcaid Lotus bud Dan Kingcaid
Marjorie Forrest Red Tail Hawk Portrait Marjorie Forrest
Rob Sayegh Yosemite Morning Rob Sayegh
Wayne Ross NYC Blue Wayne Ross
Fidel Villa Precarious Fidel Villa
Joe Madison Kissing My Reflection Joe Madison
Ami Dayan Hooded Merganser (Male) Ami Dayan
Alda DeLorenzo Glow Alda DeLorenzo
Dianne Glasner Flight of Fantasy Dianne Glasner
Sean Rhinehart Survivor Sean Rhinehart
Ellen Bedrosian Jaws in the Bahamas Ellen Bedrosian
Jeff Norton The Winter Princess Jeff Norton
Mel Machanic Water Lily #2 Mel Machanic
Mel Machanic Wild Flower #4 Mel Machanic
Frank V. Ferrer Freedom Tower at Dusk Frank V. Ferrer
Carmen Platek You fill up my senses Carmen Platek
Marjorie Forrest Red Fox Looking Forward Alert Marjorie Forrest
Evan Zupfer Balanced Meal Evan Zupfer
Wayne Ross Street Musician Wayne Ross
Leslie Young My New Friend Leslie Young
Alda DeLorenzo Wildflower Alda DeLorenzo
Tom Babich Manly Beacon Tom Babich
Marjorie Forrest Pink Skull 2 Marjorie Forrest


What's Developing ...

From the President

Welcome to the Teaneck Camera Club website.

This is the place to discover what our club is about and all we have to offer.

TCC members represent all levels of photographic skills, from novice, to serious amateur, to professional. We range in age from pre-teen to senior citizen, yet we all share a passion for photography and inspire each other in our pursuits. Continued…

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

By Ellen Bedrosian

On a bright and sunny Sunday in April, I reported for my first paid assignment as a freelance photographer. A few weeks prior to getting this assignment, I’d answered an ad on CraigsList for iPhone users to take photographs for a new app that was being developed.

Me Continued…

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