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Rob Sayegh The Window Rob Sayegh
Kathy Duke Hoodoos and Pine Kathy Duke
Ellen Bedrosian Contemplating Doing Time Ellen Bedrosian
Dan Kingcaid Pink Lotus Flower Dan Kingcaid
Marjorie Forrest 4 Jets Lit Marjorie Forrest
Tom Babich Aisle of Arches Tom Babich
Star Rochambeau Smoke Star Rochambeau
Kathy Duke Eyes On The Wing Kathy Duke
Star Rochambeau Thoughts in color Star Rochambeau
Fidel Villa Red backpack Fidel Villa
Ami Dayan A Grand Fish Ami Dayan
Mel Machanic Orchid Petals Mel Machanic
Bob Gallagher Icy Blue American Pride Bob Gallagher
Mel Machanic Another Eagle Mel Machanic
Dan Kingcaid America's Pride Dan Kingcaid
Ami Dayan Osprey with a twig Ami Dayan
Leslie Young Partners for life Leslie Young
Joe Madison Blue Ice Joe Madison
Elaine Call Safe from Harm Elaine Call
Kathy Duke Arches Relics Kathy Duke
Frank V. Ferrer Cat's Eye Frank V. Ferrer
Leslie Young Threadbare Darning needle Leslie Young
David Jenkins Your Worst Nightmare David Jenkins
Kathy Duke Taking a Rest Kathy Duke
Michael Elliott Michelle In Black & White Michael Elliott
Laura Downs-Buma Central Park Fountain at Night Laura Downs-Buma
Ami Dayan A Soaring Bald Eagle Ami Dayan
Mel Machanic Spreading My Wings Mel Machanic
Star Rochambeau Old Truck Star Rochambeau
Jeff Norton Cold Swim Jeff Norton
Donna Russo Classic Mercedes Donna Russo
Mel Machanic Look up Mel Machanic
Joe Giordano Reflection of my dream car Joe Giordano
Joe Giordano Female Pyrrhuloxia Joe Giordano
Ami Dayan Eagle Giving A Pose Ami Dayan
Marjorie Forrest Bobowhite Drinking Marjorie Forrest
Alda DeLorenzo The colors of the Poppy Alda DeLorenzo
Joe Giordano Retro Glamour Girl Joe Giordano
Ami Dayan An American Kestrel Taking Off Ami Dayan
Kathy Duke At The Cow Canyon Trading Post Kathy Duke
Ami Dayan A Curious Snowy Owl Ami Dayan


What's Developing ...

From the President

Welcome to the Teaneck Camera Club.

For those of you who are already members, welcome back. For those of you who have found our award-winning website, whether looking for competitions or a way to share and improve your photography, I strongly encourage you to come to one of our meetings, listen and watch the program, and then join the club.  For $45 per year, it’s one of the best deals in New Jersey. Continued…

Giving back to the community (and your camera club, too)

By Ellen Bedrosian

National Volunteer Week is from April 6-12 this year. Established in 1974, National Volunteer Week celebrates all who donate their time, expertise and passion into making their communities a better place in which to live. From EMTs and firefighters to animal shelter dog walkers and photographers (yes, even us) we all having something to offer for the causes or places that we care about.

Not too long ago, TCC members volunteered to photograph river clean-ups organzied by Hackensack Riverkeeper so that that they could illustrate their publicity campaigns.  Many images on their website and in print were used to entice new volunteers to help with the river clean-ups.


Hackensack Riverkeeper volunteer with his his canoe.

If you’d really like to make a difference by volunteering your time to a hobby you care deeply about, like photography, why not consider becoming a volunteer for Teaneck Camera Club? We’re always looking for fresh ideas and helping hands for projects and events. We are in special need of a computer-savvy member to help with the digital competitions. Contact President, Rachel Katic or Digital Competition Chair, Laura Downs-Buma. Continued…

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