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Kathy Duke Dandy Sailor Kathy Duke
Ellen Bedrosian Indonesian Child Ellen Bedrosian
Matt Kingcaid Leopards at rest Matt Kingcaid
Star Rochambeau Icelandic Beauty Star Rochambeau
Sean Rhinehart Karla Sean Rhinehart
Ami Dayan The Colonial Woman Ami Dayan
Mike Opinia Oy! Thats the worst pedicure ever! Mike Opinia
Tam Essence - Teen Promo Shoot - PDP Studios - 2014 ©Sean J. Rhinehart For more of me: Nashay Tam Essence - Teen Promo Shoot - PDP Studios - 2014 ©Sean J. Rhinehart For more of me:
Ami Dayan Eagle Giving A Pose Ami Dayan
Dianne Glasner She Worries About Him Dianne Glasner
Joe Giordano Female Pyrrhuloxia Joe Giordano
Ami Dayan Osprey with a twig Ami Dayan
Frank V. Ferrer Bright Eyes Frank V. Ferrer
Elaine Call Serenity Elaine Call
Madelaine Cappuccio Hey Abbotttttt! Madelaine Cappuccio
Marjorie Forrest Bobowhite Drinking Marjorie Forrest
Ami Dayan Juvenile Eagle On Wing Ami Dayan
Alda DeLorenzo Pretty in Pink Alda DeLorenzo
Ami Dayan A Juvenile On Target Ami Dayan
Dan Kingcaid Riding Gear Dan Kingcaid
Kathy Duke Castle Hill Lighthouse Kathy Duke
Mike Opinia Sit, Ubu, sit! Mike Opinia


What's Developing ...

From the President

Welcome to the Teaneck Camera Club website.

This is the place to discover what our club is about and all we have to offer.

TCC members represent all levels of photographic skills, from novice, to serious amateur, to professional. We range in age from pre-teen to senior citizen, yet we all share a passion for photography and inspire each other in our pursuits. Continued…

Fooling Around with iPhone Photography

By Ellen Bedrosian

When I got my first iPhone in 2010, iPhone photography was already in its pre-school stage. Apps and accessories were readily available, and Tony Sweet had recorded an instructional video, Getting Started in iPhone Photography.

Hanging me out to dry-comp size

Hanging me out to dry — iPhone 3Gs with Pic Grunger


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